Replacement Elements

We supply all of the replacement elements required for your Natural Gas and Oil filtration needs.

Air Filters

Advanz offers a wide range of air filtration products enclosed in filter-houses as turn-key end products that provide top quality engineered systems for new or existing Gas Turbines and other industrial applications. Each OEM and project may have special requirements and our engineering team can design filter-houses and filtration systems for any unique and special application based on site specific requirement and OEM specifications.

For all applications: air conditioning, clean rooms, precision assemblies, compressors, turbines for power generation, etc.

Pleated filters in all sizes, cardboard or metal frame.

Washable metal filters

High efficiency filters for gas turbines

Filters with activated carbon to remove odors.

Filters bags: from 6-12, various measures and efficiencies.

Custom-made to suit your needs materials, densities and efficiencies.

We have Certified Testing Laboratories International

Filters HEPA and ULPA

Filter Cartridges

Advanz’s broad range of filter cartridges gives customers wide flexibility when choosing filtration solutions. Nominal or absolute rated; depth, pleated or surface types: we have the options to meet your needs. Our liquid process cartridges offer high quality, outstanding performance and cost effective solutions for common and difficult applications including high purity water, food and beverage and other critical process flow streams.

All filter media available: include cellulose, polyester, fiberglass, polypropylene, cotton, etc. Different end cap configurations to meet your filter vessel specifications.

Advanz offers replacement filter cartridge elements in all brands: we proudly represent OEM Shawndra (Sparks), and are capable of replacing just about every brand filter elements (as reference): Pall, Parker, Hydac-Hycon, Hydrafil, Fluitek, etc. Broad range of micron ratings available, nominal and absolute.

Filter cartridges swoop.

Pleated filter media cartridges, in any size and configuration, with or without the outer support.

Cartridges termofusionados. Depth filtration graded density construction.

Activated carbon filter cartridges

Cartridges with absorbing means to acids, hydrocarbons etc.

Tapas and packing in various configurations.

Straining Elements

The first line of defense in most gas and liquid filtration operations, is the basket strainer. Whether it’s a temporary (cone, or “witch hat”) strainer, Y-strainer, T-strainer, simplex, duplex, or automatic, there’s always a straining element that after some use has to be replaced. We manufacture replacement strainer elements in every possible size and design, with retention levels as open as ¼”, down to 1000mesh (25micron).

Manufacture of all types of filter baskets,elements. Sieves, baskets, holders, in stainless steel materials 304 and 316, galvanized sheet. Diponibles in various kinds of perforations and meshes.

Filter elements type “cone witch.”

Filter elements wedgewire and special constructions..

Perforated sheet filter materials, straight or inclined etc. cuts, with meshes.

Variety of mesh and perforated sheets in various materials.

We design and manufacture according to your specifications.

Coalescer Filter and Separator Elements

Advanz offers replacement coalescer filter and separator elements. We offer OEM Shawndra (Sparks) elements, and are capable of replacing just about every brand filter elements (as reference): Jonell, Peco, Pall, Facet, Parker, King, Hilliard, NFS, Clark-Reliance, Dollinger, etc. Broad range of micron ratings available, nominal and absolute.

Elements for comprehensive treatment of natural gas combustion in 3 stages: filtration of solid particles; coalescence of liquid particles; liquid separation.

Different sizes and configurations.

Spacers with teflon coating and other materials

Various constructions available for each application.

Cutting edge technology in natural gas treatment

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