Iberdrola Energía Altamira

Advanz and Iberdrola have a long journey together, there are more than 12 years of supplying a broad variety of filter elements, most of them are replacements of existing equipment with newer, more durable, and efficient parts.

In this particular case, the element is a membrane protection filter for reverse osmosis in the water treatment plant. It is a cartridge with an unusual configuration that we are proud to be working with one of the few manufacturers that can provide it.

To achieve the best performance possible and reach the whole of its potential, we started performing tests, so that the client could have the certainty of the product’s quality. The test was resoundingly positive, and the part showed to be really effective on what it was designed to do. As we can offer high-quality products at a lower cost, they decided to keep doing business with our brand, leading to numerous other projects.

Currently, Iberdrola outsources an external company to carry out the water-treatment plant maintenance and we can confirm that we are still the preferred brand by the client.


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