Duplex Basket Strainers

Duplex Basket Strainers for Various Temperature and Pressure Applications

These duplex basket strainers are great choices for applications where the fluid flow cannot be interrupted to remove a basket and clean it. Completely continuous flow is maintained by taking of advantage of a two separate basket chamber design with valves to direct the flow from one housing to the other one.

Below are some of the options that we offer: Duplex strainers designed and manufactured by the industry experts: Fluid Engineering. Please remember that you can always contact us with your project and application requirements and we’ll be glad to assist you with finding the best fit for you.

530 – 531 Duplex Basket Strainers


  • Uninterrupted Process Flow
  • Can Be Operated Under Vacuum Conditions

The valves in the 530/531 duplex are not integral. This makes valve maintenance and replacement a snap.

The 530/531 strainer housing and valve materials are available in many different materials and configurations to meet many different application requirements.


534 Duplex Basket Strainer


  • Uninterrupted Process Flow
  • It Can Be Operated Under Vacuum Conditions
  • Stand-By Housings: Switching Over to It Can Be Automated

The 534 fabricated design makes use of tall strainer housings to incorporate longer baskets that increase holding capacity and get longer run times between change-outs.

The valve changeover can be automated. The valves in the 534 duplex strainers are not integral, making valve maintenance and replacement a snap.

545 – 548 Inline Duplex Type Basket Strainers


  • Uninterrupted Process Flow
  • Depandable Removal of Unwanted Solids
  • Available in Variety of Materials

The Duplex Basket Series 545/548 is a compact unit with inline inlet and outlet connections. This enables variable strainer placement and easy piping.

Options Available: Numerous vessel material options are available, such as stainless steel, copper nickel,
monel, and other materials for corrosive environment.

545 Series Inline Duplex Strainer
561 Series Duplex Basket Strainer

560 / 561 Duplex Strainers


  • Uninterrupted Process Flow
  • Dual-Ball Diverter Design
  • Models: 560 – Threaded, 561 – Flanged

The 560/561 strainers are designed with two stainless balls that divert the pipeline flow from one basket chamber to the other efficiently.

Endless Screen Options: Straining elements can be constructed from special materials such as alloy 20 and others. Various configuration of perforation or mesh line straining elements.

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