A Coalescing Filter Separator from Shawndra Can Be a Possible Solution to Fully Treat Natural Gas in Your Industry

Shawndra is a dependable manufacturer of filtration equipment and replacement elements for the treatment of natural gas and other oil fluids in your industry

Our first step is to identify your specific need. With our engineering experience, we know the right questions to ask in order to fully understand your process:  from initial design, to replacement elements: we can help!

Example - Coalescing Filter Seperator

What’s your current situation: fluid to be treated (filtered, cleaned)? Operating conditions: flow, pressure, temperature?  Nature of contaminants (solids and liquids) to be removed?  Has the fluid to be treated been previously cleaned or treated?  How: Strainer? Separator? Coalescer?  Is your application for a new installation / needing a new piece of complete equipment?  Or replacing an old / inoperable / obsolete piece of equipment? What material vessel in required?  What size connections?

If it’s for an existing installation and the need is to replace current filter or coalescer elements: what are the specifications (brand, model) of such elements?

We’ll fully assess your project, and then be able to correctly determine what your exact need may be.

If it’s for a new installation: exactly what piece of equipment is needed?   We suggest three stages for a complete treatment of the raw, natural gas:

  1. Strainers: to remove (filter) the larger size solid particles.  These can be Y (wye) type, simplex, or duplex, depending on the amounts of solids to be removed and if the process will allow time off to clean the filter element (straining element, or basket).  Mesh opening sizes vary from 1/8” down to 25microns (and smaller in special designs).
  2. Separators: to remove the larger size liquid particles.  Different technologies are used to efficiently separate the bigger size liquid particles from the natural gas stream.  Vertical or horizontal arrangements are available, to suit your project’s specific needs per its space constraints.
  3. Coalescers: to remove the smaller size liquid particles from the fluid. Very efficient combinations of vessel and filter-coalescer elements down to 0.2micron at efficiencies of more than 99%.  Our newer Shawndra R100 designs allow for maintenance that require less time and effort than older technologies.

Coalescer Filter Seperator - 150-inches in Lenght

(Some applications may allow for a special combination of Coalescing Filter Separator: a larger piece of equipment that combines different mechanisms for removing different kinds of contaminant particles).

Replacement Elements

If the customer’s need is to replace current filter or coalescer elements, we first suggest to evaluate of your current arrangement is working at its best: is the equipment in use sized properly?  Is the current treatment to the natural gas (strainers, separators, coalescers) achieving the desired goal in being treated to the correct specifications?  If so, then we can offer a very wide variety of options in construction sizes and materials to offer a cost effective alternative to many expensive filter elements already in place.  The many designs of end cap configurations and filter medias allow us to have a good replacement for just about any filter or coelascer element we encounter.

We’ll try to propose a Shawndra replacement filter or coalescer element that perfectly matches your current element in shape and function, but with the added advantage of lower cost and better delivery time, and often even with a better performance and filtration efficiency.

To order Shawndra coalescing filter separator or replacement elements, request more details, or request an estimate, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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