A Success Story: ATCO Natural Gas Pipeline Filtration Project

The natural gas pipeline Project known as “Ramal Tula”, which was awarded to the Canadian company ATCO Pipelines by the Mexican power entity Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), is one of our biggest success stories.  ATCO is a proudly Canadian company with a substantial worldwide presence, and it is based on a strong commitment to Excellence.

It all started with an invitation to quote from ATCO headquarters in Calgary, AB that we received in our Vancouver, BC office.  They were requesting a proposal for equipment to treat a natural gas stream: a Separator stage, and a final Filter-Coalescer stage.   We were informed that these pieces of equipment were needed for a tender that ATCO was working on in Mexico.  The available time assigned to us was concise: in three days we were able to analyze their design, process information, and come up with a complete proposal, DDP final site.  We also had the opportunity to propose an arrangement design and verify the sizing of the filter vessels.

Later that same year we were contacted in our offices in Monterrey, NL Mexico by the engineering company in charge of locally integrating all the components of the complete package. We were informed that ATCO was indeed awarded the Project, and the local company wanted us to review some technical changes in the operating conditions of the natural gas stream. As expected, the actual conditions to operate the natural gas pipeline were slightly different to the ones we were initially informed when we started working on this project in our Vancouver offices.

After a two month long process, we were able to update our proposal for Separators and Filter-Coalescers and provide the detail and performance that ATCO required. Furthermore, we were able to find out that strainers would be needed (we always recommend strainers at the first stage of filtration and purification of natural gas), so we added this information to our initial scope and completed our proposal for the three necessary steps of the treatment of natural gas:

Instrumental equipment and spare parts for two years operation were also considered.

Finally, we received the corresponding Purchase Order for the complete filtration package at the end of the year. Extra work was needed to be able to meet the customer’s demands for administrative process.  Drawings for review was another exciting challenge since the time allotted for their review was also very limited.

As usual, several changes in the desired dates had to be agreed on.  We were always flexible and accommodated to their needs, adding extra work and attention where necessary. We used three different import processes to meet our customer’s needs. Moreover, we were able to absorb some additional costs, always trying to help our customers achieve their budgets and deadlines.

This was an advantageous process, and we are very grateful to ATCO for the opportunity given to us.  This project is now an essential part of our 20+ years of experience in sizing and design of natural gas filters, separators and coalescers.



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